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Because sometimes the surreal is the only viable approach
The big picture is the only picture
Since we're all in this together, let's put our minds together
We're dead without a vision. What's yours?
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House of Commons, June 2010

What if... and some incredibly bright

and truly insightful people wrote political editorials?

Politics, Re-Spun
  • Journalistic objectivity is a myth; de-spinning the political and re-spinning it for social, economic and political justice

               What if...

...there were some things you were DYING to get off your chest?

Speaker, Facilitator
  • 1, 2, or 4 hour sessions for your class, conference, workshop or progressive community group:

    • "What's Wrong with Haiti?" [history, problems, Canada's role, the future]
    • "What is No-Growth Economics?" [pre-capitalism, the myth of infinite growth, post-growth and real sustainability]
    • "Franken-Corporations" [origin, dominance, solutions]

  • Other topics include democracy, progressive social movements, neoliberal versus progressive economics, North American integration, co-ops, social and economic justice, economics for people instead of corporations, trade and investment agreements

               What if...

...the world needs more paradigm mechanics?

Incipe Workers' Cooperative - (en-CHEE-pay)

  • Organizational support and development
  • Strategy, communications and advice
  • Co-op development
  • Dare to imagine. Dare to begin. Incipe.

               What if...

...along the way
some thoughts about relationships--human and ecological--
need crafting?


  • Focussing on relationships between people and our connection with all things ecological
  • Poetica wine label poetry

               What if...

...through all this, no one ever stops being a teacher?

Teaching Resources

then it's...

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