Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ameena Mayer in Conversation with Stephen Buckley

Ameena Mayer chats with Stephen Buckley about a range of political and social issues [52 minutes, 48MB]:

- her life as a poet, musician, teacher and activist
- the environment and lifestyle choices to have a lighter ecological footprint
- first nations issues
- globalization
- feminism
- race issues
- Vancouver's Downtown Eastside Women's Centre
- peak oil, Iraq, Afghanistan, occupation, insurgencies
- corporations as cancerous Frankensteins
- corporations as psychotic personalities that encourage consumers in the OECD world to behave like psychotic personalities in competetion in a zero-sum world of finite resources instead of living in community
- our society's emotional vacancy/dysfunction and the role capitalism plays in this
- people's inability to have long term relationships

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