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Political Science 100 - Spring 2007

My Political Science Student Handbook is a valuable tool for you since I will be marking your tutorial participation, exams and term papers. Feel free to refer to it online, download it or print it out.

My Marking Codes are here so you can decypher the shorthand on your term papers. Note that there are 2 separate .jpg documents, each with one page. Refer to them online, download them or print them out. Enjoy!

The Global Corporate Media Concentration chart is here.

***Note: Political ideologies on 2-dimensions: graphics and links to personal ideology surveys are here.

SFU Political Science Department and Library Links

The Library's Political Science Information Resources page is an indispensable way to start your research in this course.

Further, if the idea of finding academic, scholarly journal articles is not something you are used to doing, a link from the previous page to the How to Find Journal Articles page will take all the trial and error confusion out of the process.

On an even more conceptual level, the library has a page that describes how they would define a scholarly journa and how to assess the value and credibility of sources: What is a Scholarly Journal?.

Here is SFU's Political Science Department Website, Research Paper Guidelines, and Guide to Internet Citations.

Political Science Glossaries

Political Science Glossary - Thomson Nelson Publishers
Political Science Glossary - WebRef.org
Political Economy Glossary - Dr. Paul M. Johnson
International Relations Schools of Thought - Answers.com
International Relations Glossary - Norton
Glossary of Parliamentary Procedure - Parl.GC.Ca
EU Political Glossary - EU.int
US Congress Glossary - TheCapitol.net
US Political Glossary
US Congressional Glossary - C-SPAN

Links to Topics Relevant to Political Science

People : Fair Trade : Documents : Media : Governments : NGOs : IGOs : Corporations

Academic Writing Links

Writers' Guide - University of Victoria
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
The Writer's Complex
Grammar and Style - Jack Lynch, Rutgers University
Common Errors in English - Paul Brians at Washington State University

General Academic Documents

Basic Rules for Becoming a Good Student
Art Costa's Habits of Mind

Plagiarism Thoughts

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
- Aristotle

The September 20, 2006 Vancouver Metro newspaper ran a story about Linda Klebe Trevino and Donald McCabe's study indicating the breadth of widespread cheating among MBA students in North America. The Philadelphia Inquirer [not surprisingly] ran a better story about the study. You can read additional work about cheating by the study's authors as well. As SFU continues to refine its policies about academic honesty, these pieces should help you understand some of the context of academic integrity you should expect to experience in future courses at SFU.

Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty come in many shapes and forms. There are, in my opinion only, two broad categories of plagiarism: intentional cheating and carelessness or ignorance:

Intentional Cheating

- a student copies another student's assignment
- a student knowingly lets another student copy an assignment
- a student has another person do the assignment
- a student hands in an assignment previously done in another course (not original work for the current assignment)
- a student acquires a complete assignment from someone else.
- a student acquires a complete assignment from the Internet
- a student slightly alters a complete assignment from the Internet
- significant parts of a student's assignment are verbatim parts of an assignment from the Internet

Carelessness or Ignorance

- a student takes verbatim phrases, sentences or paragraphs from any source (website, newspaper, magazine, book, journal, etc.) without using quotation marks
- a student uses a quotation from a source without providing a reference or a correct reference
- a student paraphrases information from any source without providing a reference or a correct reference

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Amnesty International

Doctors Without Borders

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