Political Spectrums

The traditional left-right political spectrum is rapidly becoming inadequate. On the surface, are we left or right economically or socially? Those two categories can be quite distinct for people.

You should be able to plot yourself on both left-right political spectrums by the end of the course. You should be able to do it now at least tentatively, understanding that your spot may shift as your education grows and your attitudes evolve.

Below are some links to websites where you can take surveys to help you determine where you would be on various spectrums. These surveys have a limited number of questions, some of which may be difficult for you to answer if you don't fully understand the issue. Both of these realities will qualify the accuracy of the results you get, but the results should be at least a general indication of where you are positioned on ideological spectrums.

The Political Compass ideology quiz

The Advocates for Self-Government ideology quiz
The Political Quiz Show ideology quiz

Below are several images of various 2D spectrums. Many of the locations of world leaders are estimates based on the grids' compilers; those leaders didn't take the time to fill out the survey and submit the results. I--like many I suppose--disagree with various leaders' positions on the grids. But that's merely a matter of friendly debate.

World Leaders:

US Presidential Election 2004

Canada's 2005 Election:

This circular representation is fascinating:

This circle is mostly just entertaining: