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Thanks to Montmartre Cafe, all the poets, friends and peaceful souls who made April 23rd a warm and moving evening.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003
7:00pm - 8:30pm

Open Mic Poetry Reading
Themes: Peace and War
List of Poets Reading is Below

Montmartre Cafe
4362 Main Street [at 28th Ave.]
FREE Admission

  • To Sign Up to Read: email me, Steve Buckley, at the Yahoo email address below or phone me at the phone number on the handbill. Reading order is in the order of people signing up. See below for the list.
  • How the Reading Will Go: we'll read on a rotational basis, all poets will be able to read one poem; when that round is over--if there's time left--anyone with a second poem can read it in the same order, and so on. So if you have more than one poem that fits the themes [peace and war], by all means bring them!
  • Timing: poets, please show up at Montmartre at 6:30pm on April 23rd and check in with me. If you haven't signed up to read in advance, please find me after 6:30pm; if there's still space you're on the list!
  • Bring Friends: and family and co-workers and all you network with. Let's make this a warm, moving evening. Just a note on etiquette: it's generally bad form for you and your entourage to depart after you read; please stay to enjoy and support all the others who are reading.
  • Afterwards: Honey Brown, a local dance/funk/soul band is playing later in the evening at Montmartre, so consider staying.
  • Crêpes: I strongly recommend the Decadent Crêpe at Montmartre: chocolate, walnuts, brandy [and you gotta add the ice cream].
Poets Reading [in order]:
  1. RC Weslowski 
  2. Oswaldo Perez
  3. Teresa Wood
  4. Vincy Kamberk
  5. Ameena Mayer
  6. Jay Campbell
  7. Andre Alexander
  8. Brian [in place of Stella]
  9. Adrian Stocking
  10. Shazia Islam
  11. Maia Stockholder
  12. Danika Dinsmore
  13. Peter Marcus

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