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Air Ripples

I poked my finger into the air
  in your general direction.

You looked up in time to see thepoint
  where my finger reached itsextent
  and paused as if treadingwater in the evening sky.

And clearly apparent
  were the 2-dimensional ripples
  that flowed out
  on a wonky plane.

And you [and I] felt each ripple
  wash over our chins and necks
  like someone was rollinga warm water balloon
  over our hypersensitive skin.

But what really surprised me
  was you
  lifting your hand
  pointing all your fingersback at me,
  and when they reached theirreach
  five series of ripples buriedus both
  in the warmth of winter skichalet quilts
  and quiet hand holding indark restaurants
  of deep feeling souls.

Copyright 2002, Stephen Buckley
10.23.02, 1045-1115pm

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