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i didn’t comeback for you

i didn’t come backfor you

you didn’t want meto

you told me not to

you weren’t home

you pretended you weren’thome, lights seemed “out”

the asshole bulldogwas chained to your front door knob

you moved

your cell phone wasoff

your house burned down

you said you were abductedby anal-probing aliens
  [they alwaysprobe bums, don’t they]

you forgot my name

you forgot your watch

you had amnesia

your nerves were shot

you were hospitalizedfor radical mood swings
  in responseto the medication
  designed tomoderate your bi-polar mood swings

you were crying onthe front stoop
  and felt youwere too high maintenance for me

you told me you wereengaged to someone

you didn’t want togo forward
  cuz you werelocked in the stasis of past-tense mediocrity
  despite thecalendar pages ripping off
  and peopleevaporating out of your life

you knew there wasa future
  but you didn’tlike what it implied
  that someone[like me?] had to come back for you

you didn’t care forthe sentiment i expressed
  in wantingyou back in my life
  cuz you thinkthe paths we all walk in life
  are—or shouldbe—too linear to curve around again
  even thoughyour sister bumped into her high school chemistry lab partner
  at Safewaylast March and is living with him now

you think that justcuz we both moved on
  that it’s wrongof me—or anyone—to ever ever, fucking ever
  look back
  even if secondchances are worth traveling across continents for

you just couldn’t handlethe growing heap of contingencies
  my re-presencepresented for you:
  your loss,my grief

you were washing yourhair

you were vacuumingall day and were exhausted

you just said no [sobite me]

Copyright 2002, StephenBuckley
08.28.02, 1100pm

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