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A Light Rain

I never asked for any light to raindown on me,
  not even like as fireworks
  or those now-ubiquitous icicleChristmas lights.

It was more like actual rain:
  a spray or mist of discretelight pockets
  dropping all over me
  leaving no wet or remnantof any kind
  just ever-fleeting memories
  of moments of clarity
  illuminated by the temporarytruth
  of insight light
  parceled out in small bits
  as if to ration certainty.

I’ll never believe there’s some charlatanwizard behind a curtain
  pulling levers to spray thelight
  to those lucky enough
  to be standing in the lightplace
  at the light time.

I so resist the impulse to seek thelight’s source, actually.

I prefer to revel in the illogicof
  short wave light in a universewhere
  light yearns to be continuous
    to match infinitelyrepeating equations
    that posit infinity…atleast in theoretical physics.

But ultimately, they say, a littleknowledge is a dangerous thing.

And I’m just enough aware of a smallsample
  of key quantum theories thatlet me sleep tonight
  believing that tomorrow willnot disappoint,
  and simply continue to provide
  a light rain.

Copyright 2002, Stephen Buckley
10.23.02, 1135-1145pm

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