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The Four Seasons

The 3' tall plastic inflatable Santa with his right arm extended straight out at a 45 degree angle
  drifted down 37 floors to the street below the residential tower,
  falling in far from a straight line--
  when it landed beside me at the bust stop, deflating, I saw its Hitler mustache
  someone had drawn on.

I bent over to pick up the soccer ball at a pick up game in a park down the street
  when from a DC-9 above, a plastic 3' square piece of wing screamed downward,
  puncturing the earth a couple feet away from me--
  the logo on a mangled, yet still attached rivet
  was of the Pentagon.

Swimming past the sandbar at Wreck Beach on the Canada Day weekend,
  I turned Japan-ward to see a grey plastic gas mask floating towards me--
  on its mouthpiece was a Star of David logo.

The first snowfall of the year on Grouse Mountain covered the long neglected De Beers plastic ring case,
  still not empty, that was angrily thrown from the Peak chairlift last summer--
  from the Angolan not-to-be fiancee.

Stephen Buckley
Copyright 2003

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