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Spin Cycle 

She kept turning around 
facing away 
towards the wall 
where stood the tallmirror 
where she inhalesherself. 

Turning to offer memerely a brief coy vision, 
she promises eachtime to have 
different about hervisage: 
  black corset 
  flowing calflength red skirt 
  ankle chain 
  gold ribbontied to the back of her black hair. 

One spin: 
  a varying [alwaysincreasing] length of unraveling corset string 
  decurvifyingher faux hourglass 
  [breath growselectric]. 

Another spin: 
  a small dipin the waistline of her skirt 
  showing eversomuchmoreof a left hip bone. 

Yet another spin: 
  the gold ribbondrifting down with gravity over her collar bone 
then spin: 
  between herbreasts 
then spin: 
  hidden downone side of the front of her corset 
  tucked in withher nipple. 

She kept turning 
and turning back. 

This CANnot last forever. 

Copyright 2002, StephenBuckley
07.14.02, 07.24.02

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