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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Dasani Tap Water and Advertisements of Quality 

I like water. A lot. I mean I really really like it. It tastes good. It keeps me alive. It's, dare I say, a human right, not to be commercialized or commodified so only those who earn enough money can buy it, not like the 3 billion or so people who live on less than a dollar a day.

This is why I don't like Dasani water. In part I don't like it because Coca-Cola owns it. But I also don't like it for the essence of it: privatized water. I'm not a fan.

Across the street is a bus stop with a large Dasani ad plastered on it. There's a delicious looking huge bottle of Dasani on the ad with some text, which includes this:

"It takes 14,000 years to filter water. (Who's got time for that?)"

Thankfully, Dasani does. They serve us. They provide us with water, the building block of life.

Unless, of course, you lived in England a few months ago. The following comes from an Alternet.org story from March 22, 2004, referencing another story in the Independent newspaper.

"The story begins with the debut of Dasani bottled water in the U.K. two weeks ago, accompanied by a massive Coke PR push labeling it "as pure as bottled water gets." Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that Coke's southeast London bottling plant was using tap water already renowned for its purity and marking up the price by some 300,000 percent."

Apparently, Dasani really doesn't seem to have the time to wait 14,000 years or long enough to do whatever magic they do to their water to justify selling it at a premium. And I know the England tap water incident is likely an anomaly, but seeing the bus ad just made me a bit sick.


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