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Sunday, May 29, 2005

The BC Government's Idiotic Advice to Struggling Students 

I stumbled upon the Achieve BC website a couple years ago and emailed this webpage to all who enjoy mocking Campbell's neoLiberal community-destroying regime. I'm shocked to see that no one has spruced up the idiocy on this webpage.

In their "Success Tips for Teens" section under the topic of "Learn to Deal with Reality," this is what they recommend:

So what happens when your motivation to do well in school collides with other interests? Or distractions? Friends, TV, job, a teacher you don't like--just to name a few. Life can be tough. It isn't always fair.

What do you do? Deal with it. Just deal with it. Don't give up. Everyone else has to keep going--including your parents and teachers.
[emphasis mine]

This, from the government that creates the $6 training wage, $2 less than the real minimum wage. This, from the government that legislates a new non-negotiated "contract" for teachers that mandated modest raises but wouldn't fund them, forcing districts to cut back elsewhere to cover legislated raises. This, essentially, from a government that is not all that interested in helping those who struggle because that would require tax dollars from the rich and successful who have deserved the right to no longer contribute to society as a whole.

Campbell's neoLiberal, cavalier attitude towards those with difficulty seems perfectly encapsulated in this lame piece of advice. After all, Campbell himself had a tough childhood and rose to become mayor of Vancouver [when the condos began leaking] and premier of the province. Strangely though, the absolute absence of poignant, constructive and tangible advice on that Achieve BC webpage would have left Campbell high and dry in the Maui jail cell the night he was arrested for drunk driving.


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